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Tony Cochran's LIGHTHOUSE Guitar - Friday Strat # 324

Tony Cochran Steampunk "Lighthouse" Strat

January 3, 2014
Tony Cochran builds the most outrageous steampunk style guitars I've run into. "Steampunk" is actually a limiting term. Perhaps that is where he starts, so if we must categorize, then we could begin at steampunk, ok. But every Cochran guitar is it's own universe, and would be best categorized as Art Guitars.

And our feature "Lighthouse" here is actually on the conservative side. Cochran does various guitar profiles, but has been very prolific with the Strat-type. So I encourage you to make time to visit and thoroughly peruse the website. It appears to be very up to date, and various guitars are currently for sale.

Instrument descriptions are also quite zany! I have nothing more to add, so get over to the site and check this stuff out!


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