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NAMM 2014 New Guitar Effects Pedals

Jan. 29, 2014
MusicRadar just posted their "Best New Effects" from NAMM 2014. Some are just commercial waste, so we see where they're at. C'mon, two offerings from EHX include the *Satisfaction Fuzz and Lumberjack OD. Please! Rehash!

In fairness though, there are some interesting products from Eventide, Keeley & Pigtronix, so still check 'em out. Although I'm not sure what the Eventide thingee is all about.

If you're looking to dig really deep into the esoteric, boutique pedal thing-- or just need to shop and compare deals, check our Best Boutique Pedal Suppliers directory. We list a bunch of 'em so you can get an idea of what's hot, and save the most $$$!

*Note: Interestingly enough, the first fuzz pedal ever was inspired by the Stones tune Satisfaction, and built by EHX founder Mike Matthews. Props, ok. Now let's move on, folks.

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