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NAMM 2014 Innovations... Yeah, Non Stop

January 10, 2014
Leaping to rescue the planet's dwindling, endangered & scarce supply of OD/distortion/fuzz pedals... and just in time for NAMM, the brave & brilliant of Electro-Harmonix bring us the new LUMBERJACK "Log Overdriver" pedal!

Intro. excerpt from above demo video:

"...It's a new type of overdrive which is based on a logarithmic curve, as opposed to a linear curve..."

I was hoping this year would bring us something in a non-GMO, Gluten-free, expanded consciousness, fortified with hemp curve, but I guess logarithmic will  just have to do for now. Dunno about you, but I've been wondering why we haven't seen the logarithmic curve applied to distortion effects until now? Revolutionary!

So watch the video and listen for the ground breaking, game changing new sounds offered by LUMBERJACK Log Overdriver, demonstrated by yet another astounding axe virtuoso-- where do they find them!

Ever seen anything like this? What can this strange device be?
Speaking of tone and our never ending quest for tone, what results do we expect upon discovering our ultimate tone?

In a documentary about the 1959 Miles Davis album "Kind of Blue" (the largest selling Jazz album to date, recorded in 7 hours with all but one tune a first take), an interviewed musician of that era described how all the women in the clubs would open their legs whenever Miles used the mute on his trumpet and played in the lower registers.

Good to have a goal with your tone, eh.

And remember that the trumpet mute device, originally a toilet plunger, inspired the Wah pedal.

So here we are in 2014 with everything we need. Let's start using it, okay!

Hey, if you're getting a new OD pedal anyway, at least seek s/g exotic!

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