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Kelton Swade Vintage '57 Strat-type Extreme Aging!

Kelton Swade Strat-type headstock

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 January 15, 2014
Distinctive Guitar LLC of Milwaukee, WI currently lists this Kelton Swade '57 Strat.  Unlike many heavy relic jobs out there that look dragged behind a truck, this one looks played A LOT, and every bit as old as a 1957 vintage. Neck is a medium C, and pickups are hand wound by Swade, with emphasis on midrange tones.

Details and lots of photos at the link above while guitar is listed.

Distinctive Guitar also handles hi-end lines i.e. Knaggs, Suhr, Red Rocket, K-Line, LsL, Michael Tuttle, Melancon and others.

Also check out www.keltonswade.com for more about him.

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