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Gypsy Custom Guitar by PERRI INK. - Friday Strat # 327

Perri Ink. Guitars - Gypsy Custom

January 25, 2014
This week's Friday Strat feature helps debut the new Gypsy custom S-type from Nick Perri of PERRI INK. Guitars.

ed note: Yes, it's Saturday... I got behind, ok.;))

Although Nick is releasing this guitar officially next week, he's allowing us a sneak peak. The Gypsy has subtle differences from a Strat, more of which you can discover next week at the link above.

Obviously it's a reverse headstock, natural ash body with matching ash pickguard and zero angle bridge pickup which you could call a hybrid standard/Jimi setting, right. Those pickups are Duncan Texas Antiquity Hots. Bridge/trem is Callaham. And a rosewood fretboard graces a quartersawn neck.

Until we know more, I can tell you that having played Nick's guitars at last year's NAMM, they are impeccably set up with great fit & finish, and dialed in for tone. As a working musician, guitar builder and a wearer of various other creative hats, Perri demonstrates high artistic standards across the board.

So be sure to check out the link for more upcoming Gypsy goods, along with other projects and the whole PERRI INK. vibe!

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