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Fender's Newest Vaporizer Amp

Fender Vaporizer Amplifiers
Fender Pawn Shop Special "Vaporizer" Combo
Fender's latest Vaporizer combo amp joins Pawn Shop series siblings Excelsior and Ramparte. Space Age Retro "Ray Gun" culture is the motif of the Vaporizer with its Jetson's vibe. The 12 watter runs 2-10" speakers with a pair of EL-84's pre-amped by a pair of 12AX7's. It's available in Rocket Red, Surf Green and Slate Blue. Reverb is included but not Vibrato/Tremolo. However, their special feature is The Vaporizer Switch which as you can imagine throws everything into overdrive.

The Return of Fender's Toothpick Guy.

Judging from Fender's video, the Vaporizer moniker could also stem from other meanings. Perhaps a bit of field testing in Colorado, Washington State and Willie Nelson's Bus. So I guess when you hit the switch, it's a smoke-free experience with vapor as the combustion by-product... Toothpick Guy gets vaporized, will we ever see him again??

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