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Fender Custom Shop Color Over Color Strat Finishes

Custom Shop '60 Heavy Relics by Jason Smith
Burgundy Mist over Daphne Blue

Faded Surf over Shell Pink

Black over Candy Apple Red

Vintage White over 3-tone Burst

January 21, 2014 
Jason Smith seems to be blazing the color over color Relic finish combinations were seeing with these '60 Heavy Relic Strats. Waaay back in the day when anything but burst was "custom color", Fender commonly shot solid finishes on burst bodies. Thus, our bottom example is actual true to vintage. Everything else we're seeing now is perhaps best described as surreal. Even 3 color schemes have been done!

Imagine a Black/Gold Sparkle/Pink Paisley/Arctic White over Seafoam & Honey Burst. Just don't rub it the wrong way... And remember, sometimes when you mix too many things, the room starts spinning...

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