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Billy Gibbons Makes Guacamole at Daryl's House

photo cred - Eliot Lewis
 January 16, 2014 
 This was all about SURPRISE. First, it was a surprise discovering that Billy Gibbons would appear in a Live From Daryl's House show. Then it was a sad surprise that guitarist/music director Paul Pesco is no longer doing this gig. BUT, the next surprise was seeing our good friend Shane Theriot filling Paul's shoes.

And if those weren't enough surprises, I was also pleasantly surprised by the Reverend's current chops. They are as dialed in and tasty as ever! Live ZZ Top videos of recent times lean towards some sloppiness, but Gibbons' playing in the live soundstage context of LFDH was superb in intonation, phrasing and musicality. And that includes solos in Daryl's tunes-- how often do you see Billy in a context like that?

This edition (Show #63) seemed longer and more meaty than the Joe Walsh feature, which I still loved. But recent LFDH episodes don't have the loose vibe they used to have. Production & editing have really tightened up... too much for my taste. Fortunately, they've kept the kitchen and wine & dine scenes, though things just don't breath like they used to.

Another casualty of the show is the removal of several archive episodes, we assume due to business/legal issues. Two of my faves; Booker T. & Grace Potter appearances are deleted.

But the band is great! Besides the addition of Theriot, multi-instrumentalist Eliot Lewis is invited to contribute some nice guitar solos.

Finally, Reverend Billy G. also graces us by making a batch of guacamole with plenty of XXX hot sauce. Too bad we don't get to see Daryl's face with a mouthful of that stuff!

Ahh, too much editing...

Check our Shane Theriot interview from the archive!

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