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Todd Rundgren's Little Red Lights - Early Hendrix Tones

December 7, 2013
Check out "Little Red Lights" from Rundgren's 1972 Something/Anything? album. He really gets Jimi with it here!

This was well before we saw debut releases from Trower or Marino. So who else was copping the fuzz/univibe Hendrix thing this early? Well, Ernie Isley on "That Lady" squeezes a close second place in 1973. Okay, maybe Zappa.

Rundgren's vertigo-gone-mad vibrato, combined with plenty of stereo panning, make for a drunk driver at the wheel of Jimi's "Room Full of Mirrors".

We hear Todd break out this voice a number of times to follow in both solo and Utopia releases. Always a good time to be had!

Remember, youngsters, we're talkin' 1972 here when it was still just a handful of cool guitar players.

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