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Kevin Selfe - Pacific NW Blues Strat-O-Brother

December 9, 2013
Portland, Oregon based Blues guitarist Kevin Selfe came thru our neighborhood last weekend. I've gotten to know Kevin over the last year, and he always does a great show with his trio Kevin Selfe & The Tornados.

I shot the above video snippet on my phone, but there's plenty of Selfe real estate on YouTube these days. Kevin and crew are well established in the Pacific NW Blues community, having secured numerous Cascade Blues Association awards. They gig throughout Oregon & Washington State, and are always a staple at Portland's Waterfront Blues Fest; the West Coast's largest Blues event, each summer.

Besides Strats, Kevin's arsenal includes Gibson arch tops and vintage Fender amps. I was glad to catch video of the SRV Strat thru the wah.

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