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'57 Vintage One Owner Mary Kaye - Friday Strat # 321

 Dec. 6, 2013
Larry in Sand Spring, Oklahoma has a variety of vintage gear and memorabilia listings, as well as an odd penchant for commercial airliner models. Good history as a seller too.

This '57 "One Owner" all original Mary Kaye Strat is quite a hi-lite. Larry sez nothing changed, and all original case and stuff in the case. Whew! He's also asking pre-2008 bubble burst $$$ for it too, and it's nowhere near mint or celeb owned mojofied. But like Eddie Vegas, he'll keep it up there as long it takes for the right Dubai prince or Hong Kong hipster to show up-- and they will. Maybe a Seattle orthodontist needing decor for that reception area upgrade.

Myself on the other hand recently sacrificed an instrument on eBay for which payment is still pending even though the buyer has received it AND positively rated the transaction... all because I haven't sold 25 items in the last 90 days, or some such utter horseshit.

But back to Larry's Mary Kaye here:

"An all original, late 1957, early 1958 Fender Stratocaster in the sought after Mary Kaye finish. Blonde with gold parts. Every piece of metal on this guitar is gold, including every screw, tuner, trem arm and yes the truss rod. It's estimated that Fender made less than 50 of these total from 1956-1959 when production on maple necks ended. This guitar is a true one owner instrument, includes original Tweed case, strap, and some other miscellaneous items pertaining to the original owner. This guitar is all original, not a single thing has been changed on the guitar since it left the Fullerton factory in 1958."

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