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Seymour Duncan's Dirty Deed Distortion Pedal

Seymour Duncan Dirty Deed Distortion Pedal

Nov. 8, 2013
If you're like a lot of people right now, you're feeling the holiday shopping crunch. And nobody feels the crunch more than those looking for a distortion pedal. You remember distortion pedals, don't you? They've gotten so scarce, that it's always a special event when someone decides to leak one out there.

As the world's vacuous shortage of distortion pedals reached crisis proportions, the elves at Seymour Duncan paused from pickup winding to bring us their newest Dirty Deed Distortion pedal. And, dig the color! Actually, I would have named it BAD SANTA, but the triple D thing works pretty cool.

Right away, the above video makes it pretty obvious why Dirty Deed is both remarkable and unique when it comes to distortion pedals. MOSFET technology makes it all possible. That's right, Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor. This is what enables Dirty Deed to capture pure overdriven tube tone. Also the reason tubes are gonna disappear soon. Since these MOSFET's were just discovered last month in a UFO crash, there's no more need for vacuum tubes any longer.

Dirty Deed has TWO MOSFETS, and will run on either 9V or 18V. That's right, just an additional 9V battery, and the world as you know it begins to melt before your very eyes. And that's always fun! A 3rd battery at 27 volts enables time travel-- and also voids the warranty, so try to contain your excitement, ok.

I actually waited a few days before posting about this new release, in order to do some important fact checking. So you may already know about the Dirty Deed. Just let me confirm for you now that it's legit, ok.

Distortion pedals are really neat too. In case you've never seen or plugged into one, this is your opportunity! Don't let it pass!

They make great stocking stuffers!

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