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Jeff Beck Gear Review From PG Rig Rundown

Jeff Beck 2013 Tour Gear Review
photo: musicradar.com

November 13, 2013
A Jeff Beck Rig Rundown is something we've been waiting for! So kudos to Shawn Hammond and PG (although he's no Rebecca Dirks;)))!

Here's a pretty elaborate review of Jeff's Strats, pedals and amp config in the current "Beach Boys/Brian Wilson" tour with tech Mike Peters.

Key high-lites include string gauges (9-52), pickups, trem setup and plenty more. They spend a lot of time with Jeff's #1 Strat, which is a '93 Fender CS with John Suhr wound coils, which he plays the sh*# out of! Check the rosewood wear at 03:10 mark. This Strat also has Suhr's Silent Coil system.  And plenty of hot rod shop grime in those white knobs!!!

The pedal chain is very simple; combining non-glamorous boxes with some grail pedals as well, but not that many pedals at all overall. And last but not least-- Tuggaboo's Baby Powder. Click Here for more Jeff Beck Tech hi-lites from the archive!

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