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Fender to Sell Guitars Direct to Consumer? Maybe...

November 1, 2013
According to a blog post by Luisa Beltran at PEHUB, Fender will start selling instruments direct to the consumer in late November, 2013.

I cite the PEHUB source, as all current online buzz leads to it. Oddly, although Beltran's post includes quotes by key people, she doesn't reference from where she obtained the info. It isn't indicated if PEHUB received an official release from FMIC or if they interviewed those referenced in the article. My attempt to query and verify this info in the blog comments section a few days ago has yet to be moderated & approved...

A Fender Support page continues to  address the direct to consumers question to the effect that they are a "wholesale manufacturer that sells instruments and amplifiers exclusively through a network of Authorized Dealers and International Distributors."

We do know for certain that Fender recently began selling parts, including bodies/necks direct... more info.

Also, I just spoke to Bruce B. at Wildwood Guitars (largest USA independent Fender dealer), who has no knowledge of this. Just maybe, they oughta know-- especially if this is occurring this month. Ya think?

My point here, is not whether Fender going direct is cool or not cool. Rather, this info traces to a sketchy source which other blogs, discussion pages and Facebook posters are simply running with.

So I'm not confirming it or reporting it as a done deal as others are... Capiche!

Nov 2 update: Looks like Fender's direct instruments will consist of assemblies using bodies and necks they offer direct. See the "more info" link above.

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