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Fender Select Dark Cherry Burst Strat

Fender American Select Dark Cherry Burst

November 14, 2013
Fuller's Vintage Guitar in Houston has great guitar inventory from hi-end vintage to new Fender, including Custom Shop.

Fender "Select" is a newer tier between USA standard production and Custom Shop. Basically this means production with premium selected materials and finishes. My theory is that since CS can't build 'em fast enough, they're slidin' some of their woods and such over to the line folks. Not bad, considering production handles the Eric Johnson and other Artist models pretty well anyway.

ANYWAY, this Dark Cherry Burst Strat is sweetness! And they didn't spare any kilowatts photographing it either;))! Careful not to melt the finish, kids! Click the above images for close-ups, but put on shades first, ok...

Mostly, this is a modern config with slim "C", 22 medium jumbo frets, contoured heel and 2-point trem. However, they saw fit to provide classic bent steel saddles along with a 9.5 radius. And the flame maple topped alder body is finished in lacquer. Pickups are new Fender Select of which I'm not familiar. Newish stuff y'know. There's also some Fender Select bling kinda insignia doodads with this series...

Diggin' the look though! Spot lights probably aren't included, but it does come with a custom G&G case.

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