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Clapton Gold Leaf Strat Krause MB - Friday Strat # 317

"It is not one of the lesser quality limited run of 50 made in 2004..."

Fender CS Clapton Gold Leaf Stratocaster. Krause MB
November 1, 2013
Today's Friday Strat feature comes with some bold statements differentiating this madman gold leaf Clapton Strat from those plain old ordinary, run-of-the-mill gold leaf Clapton Strats out there. Right this minute you can find this one in eBay results for Fender Clapton Strats

Described as NOT part of the lesser quality limited run of 50 made in 2004, this is a Todd Krause Masterbuilt with Lace coils instead of the "inferior" Noiseless ones used in the 50 piece.

Hey, I'm just relaying from the listing here. You can verify things by contacting the NJ based seller for complete vital stats, and runnin' that info with the folks at:  

Fender Consumer Relations 1 (800) 856-9801

At any rate, these have 24K gold leaf finish. And this one obviously sports a tasty flame maple neck. A back headstock pic in the listing does include a Todd Krause signature CS stamp that is not numbered "" of 50, which does help verify Masterbuilt status. Includes tweed case, COA & candy with gold trem bar still in sealed bag (never attached or used).

So there ya go. Due diligence and caviar dreams!

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