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Bob Dylan's Strat Hits Christie's Auction Block Dec. 6, 2013

Dylan's "Judas" '64 Strat Burst
Fender 1964 Burst Strat
Photo credit: History Detectives

Photo credit: Alice Ochs/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
UPDATE Dec. 7, 2013 - SOLD $965K to "an unidentified telephone bidder."

November 1, 2013
Dylan's '64 Burst Strat from his "notorious" '65 Newport Folk Fest appearance will hit the auction block Dec 6, 2013 at Christie's.

This Strat has a bit of conflict history besides the Newport thing. Not that it's cursed and will attract bad luck... Quite the contrary, it ultimately helped Dylan, and will bring some big $$ to the current owner who has had a legal dispute with Bob Dylan as to whether this is in fact THE Newport Strat. But, apparently, the Dylan legal machine actually backed off at some point which seems to concede that it is. Sources are confident enough to anticipate upwards of a $500K sale.

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