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Bob Dylan Ambidextrous PROOF!

Nov. 6, 2013
Recent Bob Dylan buzz had me checking interviews on YouTube. I just happened to catch that he's ambidextrous. Though hard core Dylan fans are probably all well aware of it, I'd never run into this bit of trivia.

Googling: "Bob Dylan Ambidextrous" surprisingly, didn't yield the most absolutely definitive results either.

So, proud of my astute observations, allow me to provide complete proof, and clear up any mystery, rumor & uncertainty.

Top video, he's sketching his interviewer with his right hand. Notice the page on the wall behind him is not reversed.

In the lower clip (02:33), Bob signs autographs with left hand. Scoot back to 02:24 and notice Pace Arrow on the RV is not reversed. Then there's the bottom photo, which appears to be correct orientation.

Signing autograph right handed.

I know this has nothing to do with guitar playing or Strats. But it's kinda cool. Maybe you can use this post to win a bet!

You're welcome!;))

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