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T-Rex Gull Wah - All Wahs In One... Withstands a Ton

T-Rex Gull Wah Pedal Video Demo Review

October 4, 2013
How many different Cry Baby models are we up to now, anyway?

The T-Rex Gull Wah is like a bunch of Wah pedals. It has multiple filters for custom sounds, including some we haven't heard in a Wah pedal, like the "YOY" sound, which is kinda over-under-sideways-down... I guess. But it's very musical, and thus usable.

The Gull is easy to figure out and use with it's big knobs and heavy duty toggle switch. In fact, everything about this pedal (like any T-Rex pedal) is heavy duty, from the housing to the axle it pivots on, that could probably support a rogue elephant with a Les Paul slung over each tusk. So besides the classic Mercedes Gull color scheme, this hefty Danish pedal shares the bulletproof construction of it's German namesake. And oh yeah! It doesn't have a pot. Instead, magnets are utilized in some mojo science mode that never wears out.

A bit pricey, but quality is over the top, plus after you buy a couple Cry Baby's, the latest-greatest Bad Horsie version and whatever else is stuffed into a Dunlop housing these days, you're gonna spend way more anyway. Gull weighs about the same as all those other pedals combined.;))

Our friend Jon at GuitarNoize does a demo vid with some overdrive, but he didn't bring out the YOY setting as much as I did in my p*o*r*n soundtrack above. YouTube has a bunch of Gull demos now.

The Gull is also especially good for pressing shirt collars and keeping bacon from curling up!

(Musician's Friend)

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