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Suhr Scott Henderson Model - White Tortoise, MINT

October 6, 2013
Almost missed this Suhr Scott Henderson listing! Sumbitch has 20 hours left!

Railway Guitars  (Minnesota based), says this one is MINT. The overall listing looks very good, with a clear description and several photos.

We watch for Scott Henderson models (we try...). These super Strat-types have jumbo stainless steel frets, and a 16" radius special "D" shape neck. They're built for warrior bending! Pickups are Suhr's Michael Landau aka Fletcher-Landau. John Suhr signed this one behind the headstock (there's a pic).

Click Here (YouTube link) for Scott playing a white/tortoise one just like this. Besides finish, it's a great clip of him playing clean, dirty, slow & fast. Plus you can enjoy the usual comment thread pissing contests with name drops i.e. Holdsworth, Beck, SRV... The fun never stops!

New/pre-owned/dealer/private - eBay

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