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Nile Rodgers' 59 Strat "The Hitmaker" NYC Train Scare

Nile Rodgers' "The Hitmaker" 1959 Strat Adventure

Nile Rogers' 1959 Strat "The Hitmaker"
image: www.nilerodgers.com
October 10, 2013
Grammy winning artist/producer Nile Rodgers had a close call this week, nearly losing his prized 1959 white Stratocaster. Oddly enough, just earlier that same day, Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilder Paul Waller came to Nile's home to measure and evaluate the Strat for the purpose of making a duplicate version. What happens that afternoon is a quite an adventure.  

CLICK HERE for the full story with lots of photos at Nile's blog! 


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