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Michael Landau Demos Fender CS Signature Strat

Fender CS Michael Landau Strat '68 Relic Black finish
October 5, 2013
The FCS Michael Landau Strats are starting to roll out the door. The above black '68 version, currently listed by NY based Alto Music, is the first I've seen available for sale online thus far (although I coulda missed some).

Above is a video from the June 2013 Tokyo Guitar Show featuring Landau demoing a burst signature model. Obviously, these are heavy Relics-- did I really need to say that?

Well anyway, yeah, Landau is a master Strat player, although not a household name i.e. SRV, Eric Johnson, Clapton, Jeff Beck and darest I say, John Mayer... Point being that no self respecting Strat geek should not be without a substantial listening ration of Michael Landau, and Scott Henderson too, for that matter.

FCS Dealers at eBay

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