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 FCS Rory Gallagher Strat Body, Cert Included

Fender USA - SRV Body w/hdwr & electronics

Here's a couple recent listings at The STRATosphere. These folks are getting into Fender Custom Shop and Artist Series parts i.e. NoCaster Necks, Bodies-- and even some special run FCS guitars. FCS necks and bodies even come with a COA!

And since STRATosphere is an eBay Store only, anything currently listed pretty much has to be IN-STOCK. eBay Stores sellers don't do the back order thing-- I don't think it's permitted, and it certainly wouldn't earn positive feedback, hangin' people out to dry. Anyone seeking hard to find and hi-end Fender guitar components NOW needs to take a look over there. A lot of this stuff is gonna be special order heavy waiting from most anywhere else.

FCS '59 Relic Shell Pink Nitro

In case anyone's been seeking a shell pink, Relic Strat body-- here's one! It's an FCS '59, nitro, and includes a COA. 

The STRATosphere has tons and tons of new/pre-owned genuine Fender parts you will not find anywhere else. They part out artist models, CS necks & bodies, across the board, and pass the savings on to you. Well, actually they can be pretty pricey, but they have it in stock. Anyone else would have to special order-slow boat most of this stuff. Because STRATosphere is totally eBay based, they have to really stock anything they list. And their feedback score is proof enough!

So if you woke up last night with a hankerin' for a shell pink Strat body, these folks would be able to kick it out the door to you right away! Go surf  the inventory-- you won't believe what's there!

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