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Fender CS '96 White Moto w/Amp - Friday Strat # 316

Fender CS Page/Esparza 1996 White Moto Strat

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October 25, 2013
I watch for Moto Strats, and feature them when they show up. The description for this UK based listing isn't the best informed, so don't pee on me if you happen to catch it and read the copy...

That said, you're looking at a white moto set which includes moto clad Strat, case and Blues Deluxe combo amp. The COA is dated Feb. '96, so it's ok enough to call it a '95. "Masterbuilt" isn't accurate as that term wasn't in effect during this period, plus the builder's name isn't in the neck stamp. COA signed by John Page, as all certs of that era were. Art Esparza (not mentioned) was the moto man.

COA & headstock indicate this set is #92 of 250. Seller says both neck plate and amp bear same ser#. They also indicate that Fender ended up building only 100 of these sets because of materials issues. Not hard to imagine that...

In spite of odd details and my corrective manner, this is a gorgeous moto set! So excuse all that, and enjoy the images. Remember to click 'em for larger views, ok.

Click Here for listing. (October 2013)

Fender Consumer Relations 1 (800) 856-9801 can verify a ser# and provide/confirm background info on an instrument.

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