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Best Demos - LA Amp Show 2013, Bogner with Doug Rappoport

October 13, 2013
Strat or no Strat, Doug Rappoport is my favorite underrated guitar player. At last weekend's LA Amp Show, Doug stepped up so well in the Bogner suite, they had to edit it into a pro format.

The debut of Bogner's Helios and Atma amps is their hi-lite this year.

Doug is playing a Knaggs Guitars Kenai model with a special bridge humbucker known as "The Other Woman", by VAULT Pickups of Spokane, WA-- available exclusively thru Music Machine Guitars.

Rappoport does session work in LA, open counceling at MI/GIT, and tours with Edgar Winter. He also joins Rick Derringer on tour in Nov. 2013 (stay tuned to Derringer's tour schedule) Doug's current solo album BIONIC, is available on iTunes and More than just another shredder, Doug's solo work is more concept-like, in a Satriani/Vai mode, though he doesn't sound like those guys. He lures you in with sweet melodic hooks and big song structures, then proceeds to rip you up with tasty and ferocious solos. 

If Bonamassa has become more of a sleeping aid for you, try waking up with a steaming mug of the Doug!!!

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