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VanZandt MIJ STV-R1 Strat-type - USA Listing!

 VanZandt STV-R1 Strat-type

Sept. 28, 2013
The current seller contacted us about this VanZandt Strat, located in Pasadena. We haven't featured one before now... Are they affiliated with Texas based Van Zandt Pickups? Well, yes and no. The guitars are built in Japan, and pickups in Texas-- AND they operate as independent entities, plus, the VanZandt (one word) refers to guitars, and the pickups are Van Zandt, yet it's the same family. Beyond this, do your own homework, ok. I'm getting a friggin' headache already.

According to forum chat I've checked, these are very sweet and luvable guitars. Some folks say "Custom Shop" quality...

Look for the listing with the top image at VanZandt @ eBay (everything else there right now ships from Japan). The listing description is extensive with plenty of photos, specs and history. BTW, this guitar is equipped with Texas wound VZ pickups. Well, there ya go!

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