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1983 Dumble OverDrive Special - Steve Watson Owned

 Dumble Overdrive Special

 Dumble OD Special Amp - Steve Watson
Sept 6, 2013
Don't see a Dumble OD Special listed very often. This holy grail amp, originally owned by legendary session player Steve Watson is currently listed on eBay for some serious cake. Maybe he'll trade for a tour bus... Anybody got one?

Well, what can ya say. Any major gear collector with deep pockets, who happens to be reading, will wanna know about this one.

Someone will buy it. Regardless of any conditions or considerations to the contrary by the society at large... Believe it, someone will buy this. I just wish it would be someone in my neighborhood, whose car I can wash, and driveway I can shovel in the winter.

 I would too!!!


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