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What Ever Happened to YOUR Favorite Guitar Player(s)??

Uncle Jeff sez:

 "I Want YOU Up To Speed!!!"

photo: MusicRadar/Future PLC

Ever run into people who have stopped keeping up with their "favorite" guitarists... some even exhibiting the "What Ever Happened To _______ ? Syndrome"?

When all along, the artist in question has never stopped recording & touring.

Usually whatever happened, happened to the "fan". Got outta college, got married, kids, life... the transition from being a music listener to falling asleep in front of the television, etc. Some people only listen to music in the car between destinations... when not listening to talk radio.

And then they miss the "good old days", when music was good, not like today's crap.

Here are some common examples, with updates for those needing them:

Jeff Beck has released material since Truth, since Blow by Blow, since Wired, since 1989's Guitar Shop even! In fact, he won a handful of Grammys in 2011 for his 2010 "Emotion & Commotion" album. So, to those who think JB is God, & will fight in a bar to the death to defend him has the greatest living guitar player, yet are oblivious of the last 20+ years...

Billy Gibbons & ZZ Top didn't fall off the planet after Eliminator & Afterburner, even if MTV went to sh*t. I guess the bad side of music television was sucking people back to watching TV, instead of listening to the old hi-fi, then leaving them high & dry with Cribs and reality shows. Any guitar player who really digs Billy Gibbons, but hasn't heard the Rhythmeen, Antenna or Mescalaro albums is missing some major riffage! And Rhythmeen goes back to 1996!

Keith Richards - Everyone knows this guy! More than a few people even think Keef is the greatest Rock & Roll rhythm guitarist. But I'm constantly amazed at how many die-hard fans don't know about his Main Offender & Talk Is Cheap solo albums with the X-Pensive Winos band, released in '88 & '92 (already 20+ years ago).

Eric Johnson- Ah Via Musicom's "Cliffs of Dover" is from 1990! That's 23 years ago, folks. Eric continues write new tunes, record new albums and tour. Need I say more...

Okay, I will... Neal Schon has plenty of solo albums besides his Journey stuff. 2012's "The Calling" album kicks ass! And Neal is also filling in for Joe Satriani in Chickenfoot while Satch tours his 2013 "Unstoppable Momentum" album. Yes, there is life after Flying in a Blue Dream! Ok, Google "Chickenfoot". Steve Morse keeps turning out material, as well as playing guitar for Deep Purple longer than anyone. Yes, Steve has had to play Smoke On The Water more times than Blackmore, or anyone else... probably every one else combined! And what a paradox for someone with his extraordinary talent. Brilliant instrumental fusion music doesn't feed the kids, though.

So, you see we're not even trying to introduce anyone to every new shredder that's hit the streets since the Shrapnel label was born (of which there are now zillions). This rant is to let our middle age readers know about only a handful of their iconic heroes who are still creating, and haven't retired next door to your parents in Fort Lauderdale.

I urge you to Google them, check their websites, Wiki's, tour schedules & discographies, etc... I can't do everything here. Also, shoot your TV, quit watching CSI and hook up those old audio components in the garage rafters that you can't bear to sell, but still haven't used in 20 years. Take your life back! Help your friends do the same... You know, the ones who don't hang out and jam anymore. That's not kid stuff, it's the good stuff!

Music is the best, and your guitar heroes miss you. Your favorite guitarist may not only still be living... they could be performing in your area tonight! 

Dedicated to BB King; 20 years older than Clapton & Keef, and still touring.

BTW, with all that said, I really can't care less about whatever happened to Tom Scholz or what he's doing these days.

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