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Snoop Lion (Dogg) Kickin' It with Fender Guitars

Aug. 21, 2013
You never know where Snoop is gonna show up. Either he's hangin' with Willie Nelson or rappin' behind Strat-O-Brother Marlon Williams at Fender's Artist Showroom in Burbank (where they even permit smoking, if it's a medical emergency of course), or who knows what's next!

The kids at Fender even sent me this press release. And though it's not our usual thing, you wouldn't believe the response we got at Facebook the other day to our Brad & Angelina post. They just bought their kid a Strat (a nice one too). And enquiring minds, even Stratoblogster vistors just ate it up!

But the bigger picture, for our purposes here, is that wherever there's a buzz in the world, a Stratocaster is alway bound to be nearby! Can I hear a whoop whoop?!

"Do you remember... Strummin' on the Fender? Do you remember...?"

Willie & Snoop, The Dynamic Duo...

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