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Roasted Guitar Wood aka Thermo-Treated

Suhr Roasted Birdseye Neck

Suhr One-Piece Roasted Maple Neck

Aug. 18, 2013
Above are 2 examples of roasted maple necks. Obviously they're darker than standard maple, and less amber hued than a vintage maple neck. More coco tint, I guess.

But there's a lot more to roasted or thermo-treated guitar woods than looks alone. The process causes the wood to release even more impurities and moisture than kiln curing, in much less time. Saps & resins in the wood grains which would normally remain soft and thus dampen vibrations & resonance, are converted to harder more crystalline states. The wood's cell structures in general take on more crystallized conditions, inhibiting their ability to absorb moisture & humidity.

So we're talking about improved stability in addition to greater resonance. Necks less likely to twist or bow, in addition to better transference of string vibration for improved sustain.

Although more and more builders are getting aboard with roasted woods, the pioneers of this process for guitar building are Juha Ruokangas & John Suhr.  Finland based Ruokangas in particular helped to develop Thermo-Treating first. Suhr was probably the first USA based builder to employ a similar process. Interestingly, Suhr is also into stainless steel frets. And the last thing you want is SS in an unstable neck.

Below are links to much more in-depth info:

www.ruokangas.com (ToneQuest Report feature)

Earlier Post - Suhr factory tour. Go to 01:40 of video.

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