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Red Rocket Guitars- StyleSonic Black Space Gold

August 29, 2013
The StyleSonic series is a Strat-type by Red Rocket Guitars.

Founder and one-man-show, Matt Nowicki crafts some of the coolest USA boutique work from his North Carolina shop.

Dealer, Distinctive Guitar LLC recently sold this one, and has another on order according to Matt.
"Black Space Gold" is the name given to the config pictured above. This one features a Spanish cedar body, black limba neck w/Brazilian rosewood fretboard, hardware by Hipshot-- and Fralin Blues Specials for pickups. The 12" radius neck sports stainless steel frets, and is contoured soft "V" to "C". Total weight is 7.5 lbs, even with a steel trem block!

As another N. Carolinian, Andy Griffith, would say: "Mmmmmm! Mmmhh!!!

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