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Michael Landau - I'M BUZZED!

August 9, 2013
In honor of FRIDAY, here's a live '07 version of "I'm Buzzed", originally from Michael Landau's "Tales From the Bulge" album. Look also for the live album with a version more similar to the clip.

There are various cool things about this particular video. First of all, the viewer's perspective is ideal for seeing any great guitar player perform live. This is where you wanna be. Besides the cool chord voicings off the main riff, I'm really diggin' Landau's right hand hybrid control. Notice that the pick comes and goes. He tucks it between his first and middle finger when not using the pick-- right where your dad put your nose and showed it to you when he used to steal it. Throughout the clip, you can easily observe every tone adjustment. And Michael Landau is all about TONE!

The whammy in the hand is very natural and in control. Landau is playing his signature John Suhr model Strat. (This is in '07. Michael recently worked out some new FCS siggy action.)

Click here for another live version with better sound & different tones-- but not as clear video.


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