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Lynn Ellsworth's Nautical Series Debut - Friday Strat # 305

 Nautical Series #0001

August 9, 2013
Old 80's Boogie Bodies guy and early Warmoth partner, Lynn Ellsworth has shown up with Spokane, WA based eBay Store, Lynn Ellsworth Guitars listing a few crafty, albeit rough pieces. Or perhaps even "Scrappy" is appropriate...

I yam what I yam, bitches!!!
Our featured specimen is the first of Ellsworth's Nautical Series. Made with totally unfinished redwood from an old "weather-beaten dock", Lynn says this one resonates better than anything else in the shop right now. So the duration of this Nautical run probably depends on how much of that dock he was able to salvage and haul to Spokane, presumably from the Puget Sound region.

Other features include Tele bridge, 6 saddles, string thru-body, T-style headstock on a rosewood, no tone control and 1 twin blade bridge pickup we think might be a Barden. Otherwise, Lynn's description is tight for neck, fret and other specs we'd be curious for. Seriously interested folks can query him for that stuff via eBay. Maybe even find out the original location of the dock, and how many layers of barnacles & seagull sh*! had to be scraped & sanded off. Hopefully sanding was involved!

Case?? Perhaps a weathered canvas sail gig bag soaked in rum.

A salty old Sailor-O-Caster for your consideration!


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