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John Mayer's Paradise Valley Gets ROOTSY!

John Mayer - Paradise Valley

August 23, 2013
Many of our fellow Strat-geek pals just love to hate John Mayer as a Pop douchebag tool, but I'm diggin' the new Paradise Valley just the same.

Serving up a varied palette of guitar tones and styles, from West African/Graceland licks to Trucksesque slide to the BB King-style solo in JJ Cale's "The Breeze", Mayer is nothing but tasteful and toneful. He even slips out a couple George Harrison slide moments!

I've trashed Mayer myself, until a serious badass Metal shredder schooled me that JM can sit down and write great songs every day of the week. And song craft is how you get known, no matter your chops. So I appreciate him taking any earthy Strat licks to the pitch corrected masses, and probably introducing SRV to many aspiring teen guitar players who might otherwise never get the Blues. And that happens.

Am I just gettin' soft? Hope not-- so after my 2nd time thru Paradise Valley, I'm gonna crank up Scott Henderson's "Well To the Bone", and kick this Friday in the ass!!!

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