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Guitarist Joe Gooch, 10 Years With Ten Years After

August 8, 2013
Born nearly 10 years after Alvin Lee's stunning "I'm Going Home" performance at Woodstock, Joe Gooch has been filling legendary shoes in the original Ten Years After band since 2003, which is 10 years ago. Yes, Alvin still performed after '03 under his own name, until his untimely passing just this Spring. But the original TYA band lineup from the late 60's (10 years before Joe's birth) remains intact with Gooch on guitar and vocal duties. 

Our friend Doug Rappoport, guitarist for Edgar Winter, strongly recommended Joe Gooch for our Strat-o-Brothers list. TYA & Winter are touring together this Summer. Not simply oldies bands, both outfits have young, grossly underrated guitar blood, new material, and like to jam out with fresh energy! So watch for 'em in your area!



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