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Fender Sparkle Strats

August 5, 2013
Fender Custom Shop turns out some cool Sparkle finishes! Browsing around lately, I've run into some surprises besides those pictured above. I've also seen Pearl Sparkle, Blue Sparkle and even a fabulous Sherwood Sparkle from '02 by the late John English.

Gold Sparkle is the ever popular, as we've seen a lot more of these than the rest.

The Copper Sparkle above is my favorite, right now. It looks like a breakfast smoothie of brand new pennies... which would take one helluva blender to make. But it looks that way just the same! It's currently listed for sale too, at the link below the pic.

And of course, FCS also does some Relic Sparkles, that remind me of run-down carnival rides, the smell of cotton candy & very old fry-o-lator corndog grease and underage girls with way too much eye makeup, piercings & canine teeth like Kirsten Dunst, smoking Kool 100's.

Basically, nothing safe about the Relic Sparkle. But don't let that stop you... 

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