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Fender Japan Flip-Flop Chameleon Finish - Friday Strat # 308

August 30, 2013
Thanks to John Francis via Facebook for submitting this week's Friday Strat!

Listed at UK's gumtree.com site (SOLD, but description still posted), this Fender Japan STR-AALVC was also listed at eBay by Japan based meestursparkle. The reason for this background is that the UK listing claimed this to be a Fender Japan "Custom Shop" piece, which it is NOT. 

I was able to determine this from various indications. First, the eBay listing didn't mention CS, and also provided production hang tags as well as a close-up of the headstock rear face; lacking this logo:

Make a note of this logo!

Described as a very limited edition demo, this Strat none-the-less has some collectible novelty value. It's finish shifts between metallic green and gold with the angle and light, which is kinda nifty. The finish areas even include the fretboard, also nifty. 

USA Custom Shop could employ this formula for a joint Mountain Dew/NASCAR tribute Strat. Perhaps, "joint" would be the operative term for that idea...

Today's important lesson was getting to know Fender Japan's Custom Edition logo! So always look for it when someone says "Fender Japan Custom Shop". Capiche!

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