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Fender American Select Green Flame Stain Brown - Friday Strat # 306


August 16, 2013
That's right folks, "Green Flame Stain Brown". I'm thinkin' "Old Lime Wedges", you know... where the bartender uses any slow moment for smoke breaks instead of cutting fresh limes, so your Gin & Tonic ends up with a lime that looks like this. And you simply hope the gin will cover it up in it's own special way. "Yeah, I think it's actually starting to look better now..."

And that's the best I can come up with for a finish name that includes the words brown & stain after green flame.

Meet Fender's American Design Select Series guitars. They're a newer price point between production & Custom Shop. And they even come with a COA.

Our featured model here is from a very limited run of under 20 units. I found 2 listed by two different dealers. STREETSOUNDS NYC says 17 were produced, and Leitz Music says 11. So there ya go...

A thoroughly modern config. this guitar sports a 9.5 - 14" compound radius, slim C neck, contoured heel, 2-point trem, N3 Noiseless pu's, no-load tone controls, BUT a lacquer finish. And the COA is signed by Fender CEO, Larry Thomas who must have a thing for tacky gin & tonics with tinged lime wedges.

Mmm... do I detect a hint of menthol?

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