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FCS Gold Leaf Masterbuilt Stratocaster - Eric Clapton

Rock Like an Egyptian!

FCS MB Clapton Gold Leaf Strat by Mark Kendrick
Aug. 22, 2013
Currently listed by Salt Lake City based Guitar Chimp eBay Store, this is a "MINT" 2004 Fender Custom Shop, Mark Kendrick MB Clapton Strat with 23k gold leaf finish. This is one of 50 produced in '04. This one has a flamed maple "V" neck, EC electronics, Noiseless pu's, and includes COA, candy and OHSC.

Probably not the best Strat to be draggin' around and wailin' on...

"Don't want no fancy funeral..."
 Might fit nicely in your Egyptian artifact collection display area. I know mine is ready for some fresh additions. Dusting off mummies gets old. Need to accessorize with some applicable gear. I'm deciding to hold off till the gold leaf  '59 Bassman comes out.

Chimp has LOTS of photos to check out right now.

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