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A Tale of Two Vintage 60's Fiesta Red Strats - Friday Special Feature

'63 Strat - Friday Strat #119, April 2009

'61 Strat - Featured March 2011
August 2, 2013
Over the years we've run into some oddities like this crazy doppelganger pair with nearly identical, and very extensive, wear patterns. When I ran into the '61, listed by a Hawaii based seller, I knew it resembled another we'd featured. Turned out to be a '63 model we posted 2 years earlier-- a Phoenix listing.

They are not the same guitar. But it sure took some back & forth squinting over the available pics to finally spot the "Where's Waldo?" differences. Plus, there was only the 1(above) photo of the '63.

Of course I had to send the Hawaii seller the '63 pic, which seemed to rattle him a bit.

Anyway, the original posts are at the above links. Another oddity here is that the '61 was originally Fiesta over Desert Sand finish. Usually in those days, custom color re-shoots were over a burst. As Desert Sand was also a custom color, you have to imagine some goofy miscommunication scenario resulting in a double custom color on one body.

One thing for certain... We will never know.

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