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Steve Hunter 70's Ghost Guitarist Alive & Well!

Signed, Baby!!!

Look what showed up in my mailbox yesterday from a good friend who just saw Steve Hunter in Phoenix! Only last week I was reading about Hunter's "Manhattan Blues Project" release at the Rock Guitar Daily With Tony Conley blog.

Hunter and fellow guitarist Dick Wagner were go-to Rock session players in the 70's (both from Detroit), who sometimes cut solos as ghost players for other now renown players. Some research gets confusing as to who did what for artists like Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Kiss and Aerosmith, but Hunter & Wagner were unsung heroes of certain tracks of the aforementioned artists/bands. Even in later years, Hunter was hired to help Jason Becker become more bluesy when Becker joined David Lee Roth's band. A good example of a Steve Hunter Classic Rock solo is in Alice Cooper's "Generation Landslide" from the Billion Dollar Babies album, on which Hunter and Wagner say they divided solo duties about 50/50. Wagner was credited on that album, Hunter was not.

Manhattan Blues Project is a lush and warm groove fest with guest players the likes of Joe Satriani, Michael Lee Firkins, Tony Levin, Joe Perry, JOHNNY DEPP and even Jason Becker on programming for a Becker composition. Instead of a track by track review, just know that in keeping with the album's title, most tunes fit a NYC theme and include a few covers. Otherwise, 65% of the tunes are Hunter compositions. And for all the various guests, the overall recording has plenty of continuity.

And the kicker is that this was financed with the help of Kickstarter!


Vintage Guitar Magazine article - The Great Guitars of Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter (Career Reviews page)

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