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Seymour Duncan "Unleashes" Black Winter Humbucker

July 1, 2013 - Just got a press release on the new Seymour Duncan "Black Winter" pickup. Not so much a Stratty accessory-- especially this HB. But I'm talkin' about it here anyway in the context of continuing to find themes for these products, and writing copy around them.

Note: I hope SD folks are cool with my poking fun. So yeah hey, visit the link above for more info on the Black Winter!

Black Winter press release excerpts:

"The winters in Scandinavia are dark, just like the metal that comes out of that part of the world. And sometimes, in capturing a tone suitable for such blackness, guitarists need something with even more grime and aggression... 

Black Winter was initially developed for the extreme metal players of Scandinavia... you'll now be able to get Black Winter at your local music store or favorite online dealer. 

Black Winter's look matches its dark intentions: a black bottom plate, black pole pieces and screws, red wire, and the Seymour Duncan logo in Old English font..."

Can ya just feel this? Black Winter could be a Grisham novel. Could be a new Vodka line too! I'm picturing a blonde woman in black fur, holding a bottle; standing in a snow covered clearing surrounded by a stark black tree line in a b/w photograph. She's either waiting for a black helicopter or has been dropped off by one... And that's about as much blackness, grime and aggression as I can deal with. Uh, ok her mascara is smeared. That's better.

I wrote some copy recently for John McGuire Guitars and his pickup maker VAULT. Visit the JMG link and check out "Lil' Sister HB". Yeah, I wrote that, and meant every word!

VAULT pickups are available HERE. But ask them about the "RUDE!" HB (unlisted) for Metal. Vault also has a PAF-type called "The Other Woman", P90's with clarity & lower mid torque-- and incredibly sweet Strat & Tele coils. 

I know you've never heard of VAULT. Just know we always talk about the good stuff here. Even vodka!

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