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Richie Kotzen - Roland Cube Lite Demo

Practice Guitar Amp: Versatile, Simple and Affordable!

Roland Cube Lite Richie Kotzen
Avail. in red, black & white

July 18, 2013
Yes, I know it's not real analog/tube tone. But for the price you can't beat these features in a practice amp whether Richie Kotzen really uses one or not. Looks very easy to use too!

3 key features to focus on are:
  • Speed/Pitch adustment
  • Looping repeat playback for learning licks from songs
  • Remove tracks from tunes you wanna jam to
Actually, there are way more than 3 key things that are very cool. But those 3 caught my attention. Plus, they separate the Cube Lite from the similar sized Yamaha THR Series amps as a lick dissecting jam tool. It also makes for a pretty good room music system, with 2.1 stereo sound. Just plug in your iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices.

BTW, Kotzen's recent project The Winery Dogs is a killer power trio with bassist Billy Sheehan and Dream Theater drummer, Mike Portnoy.

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