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 Nitro Surf over Burst

 Aged White over Burst (1 piece premium alder)

If you're looking to assemble your own heavy relic-style Strat with no muss, no fuss and no Custom Shop expenditure, then take look around at MJT Aged Guitar Finishes (eBay Store) of Carthage, Missouri!

We've featured their kits before like the bottom photo, which includes everything but pickups and electronics (note empty pickup covers and knobs placed over holes for photo). Looks like an extreme John Mayer Black1.

Now, they're added lots of aged bodies including some cool 2-tone color over color types similar to the FCS Jason Smith stuff we've been seeing. Necks too. And everything is nitro; available in varying degrees of aging. Body woods are typically ash or alder cut to "vintage dimensions" (that must mean '57 style).

Plenty of T-type and J-type bodies/necks as well-- even some Thinlines! Check 'em out!

The STRATosphere is a good source for Fender factory components to round out your project.

Click Here for our complete resource directory on mods, wiring, pickups, upgrade ideas and more parts!

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