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Improving Guitar Coordination Motor Skills

Here's some deep stuff, in case you thought I just constantly pimp gear...

Edward Yu is a martial arts trainer with emphasis on Tai Chi & Qi Dong, which are forms you learn for personal enhancement as opposed to the asskickin' stuff. He also aligns martial arts with the works of neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran, and Moshé Feldenkrais the father of the Feldenkrais Method, both of whom you can Google for lots of fascinating info.

In the videos above, Edward goes over a neural optical mirror procedure for addressing chronic pain and left/right coordination. Guitar players with tendinitis, RSI or back/shoulder issues from loading amps or playing Les Pauls might all benefit from this approach.

I'm addressing my left/right coordination. As a left handed person who plays guitar right handed, I tend to have a strong fretting legato technique, but a weaker picking articulation, especially since getting rid of picks (another story). My interest here is to get the right hand & fingers more in sync with the left. 

After watching the vids, this will all make sense. So watch 'em, and please feel free to post at our Facebook with any personal experiences, results, "dat mumbo jumbo don't work", etc...

Also share this with drummers, because they're all frustrated about Neil Peart switching righty to lefty just to do it. 

More weird shite!

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