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Guitar Players, Just Say NO to Black T-shirts! Please!

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July 21, 2013
Really gettin' tired of the black t-shirt thing. Especially the ones with band graphics-- which pretty much describes most black t-shirts worn by rock/guitar fans both young and old. Between attending concerts and NAMM Shows or just the local bar, or how 'bout sitting at home watching "That Metal Show"? Seems like the black band t-shirt has become some kind of conservative uniform to hide in.

Hey, I own tons of 'em too! Just sayin'. But ever notice that most iconic Rock guitarists don't wear the uniform? Ever see a photo of Hendrix in a t-shirt? Nope-- not even a tied-dyed one. Hell, Jimi never even wore blue denim jeans! Ok, when he was a little kid he did, but that doesn't count for our purposes here.

Obviously, band t-shirts have been around for decades, but the ridiculously prevalent, over abundance of black as the base color seems as much an industry convenience as it is a symbol of metal which favors black; possibly going back to associations with black Marshall stacks, Black Sabbath, Ritchie BLACKmore, Cooper's eye shadow, Back In Black, Jack Black, Joan Jett's  leather pants... Who knows? Ironically, in the current age of endless variety, the Rock culture tends to cling to black as if it were the last token emblem of rebellion. Where truthfully, our most rebellious time was those very colorful 60's; also ironic! So, in a pure & fundamental way, black is probably less rebellious, and more passive aggressive.

Rise up, people!

So here I am rebelling against black t-shirts. But mainly on behalf of guitar players. Let fans, bikers, goths and weekend hell raisers have 'em... But when you leave the house as a musician, no matter where you gig, why not consider allowing yourself to stand out from the crowd! It could be one small step for a man/woman, and one giant leap for mankind... or not, but that sounded cool.

Just don't dress like a fan, when you're in guitar playing mode. As a musician/artist, the only thing you need to "fit in with" is the groove of the music. Otherwise, be unique, be an individual and wear something cool! Black isn't cool, it absorbs heat. Maybe all these black friggin' t-shirts are the reason for global friggin' warming!

If you MUST wear a t-shirt, wear a plain white shirt. V-necks are nice sometimes. Yes, you have to wash them more often, and be careful around pizza sauce, mustard, dog poop and oil changes. A bit of professional attitude, and bleach goes a long way. Don't be a slob!

Scott "Big Dogs" Henderson
For those not quite ready to make such a giant leap, might we recommend something in a high quality, white cotton crew by BIG DOGS-- the shirts, worn by Scott Henderson.

Note: When I list all my black stuff on eBay, I'll be sure to post something.;)

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