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Fender Jim Root Not Too Stratty... But Definitely Fatty

And "Flatty" too, in your choice of flat white or flat black finish. Both come with flat black hardware & pickups. Plus, the black model sports an ebony fretboard.

Tonally, with its 2 EMG HB's, mahogany body, hardtail bridge config and no tone control, Fender's Jim Root Strat is not a Strat... well, not really. But it is the iconic profile with Fender headstock decals, so kudos to Fender and Root for workin' up something! Jim digs Fender guitars, although his niche has more of a Schecter, ESP, Dean vibe, I guess... There are also Jim Root Teles in the same color finish choices and hdwr/electronics (not really Teles either, sonically). Any lively Jim Root Tele debates at TDPRI??

This Strat also features the contoured heel and Hendrix era fat headstock. The rear access panel is for EMG food and maintenance purposes. Neck is a slim/modern "C", 12"-16" compound radius with jumbo frets (6105's). Includes strap-loks & black hardcase.

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