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Fender Custom Shop John English Green Sparkle - Friday Strat #303

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Green Sparkle '56 Strat Masterbuild 2002

Sherwood Green Sparkle?? They don't say, but sure looks like Sherwood-- have you ever seen a Sherwood Sparkle before. Not I...

This find gives me chills!!! You're looking at a '56 Masterbuild by the late John English from 2002. Everything is together here, and seller sez, "Near-Mint 9.5 of 10" condition-wise. Lots of pics are in the listing, and close-ups of the gold hardware reveal very little wear indeed! Plastic is still on the pickguard too, so this is about as close to NOS at it gets. But it's pre-owned and played a bit, so this dealer is being pretty straightforward with us.

No specs given, but plenty of contact info provided (Check back-- I queried, and await response). The neck should be fat, possibly "V" with 7.25 to 9.5" radius range. '56 spec frets will be small, but John may have used bigger wire. Otherwise, we have a fine specimen here, folks!

Includes 2 COA's (1 laminated), all candy & OHSC. Gold plated ashtray/bridge cover is also included, as well as an extra 5 pos switch (3 pos must be installed).

Seller: The Guitar Place - Chico based in Chico, CA

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