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Fender CS Pamelina Guitarmania Baseball Stratocaster

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Pamelina Hand Painted Graphic
Distinctive-Guitar-LLC of Milwaukee, WI is currently listing this highly collectible American Baseball tribute Strat. The classic Pamelina H hand painted graphic is on a 2003 Fender Custom Shop build. A 10' replica of this Strat has been featured in Cleveland's Guitarmania Fest.

Item# 181166299112

This Guitar is in "mint" condition and includes COA, case candy and OHSC. Candy includes a miniature replica and Guitarmania program. Oddly, neither the COA, neck plate or back inscription indicate whether this guitar is a one-off or numbered of a set. Interested collectors can contact Fender Consumer Relations 1 (800) 856-9801 for this detail. Seller makes no mention either. Ser# CN95153 is clearly readable in photos of both COA and neckplate, so over to you to do the due.

Distinctive Guitar has quite an inventory of hi-end boutique guitars, i.e. Knaggs, LSL, Fibenare, Michael Tuttle, Collings, Giffen and more! Really nice stuff!!!

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