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Fender '97 Hendrix Voodoo Strat - Custom Shop Neck Upgrade!

Not necessarily stock, but beautiful!

Reverse body, bridge pickup and headstock
A lefty for the non-conformist righty player...

Portland Music currently lists this '97 Hendrix Voodoo Strat with a very cool Fender Custom Shop Relic neck!

Item# 121129142998 (eBay)

The 7.25" radius may be more correct to the '66-68 era Strats. The stock one was probably 9.5". Either way, it's still a reverse, fat headstock neck. And like all 97's, the bridge pickup is reverse angle! The lighter colored circle on the pickguard is where the original purple & black Hendrix Voodoo sticker was, which they say will also be included (hopefully it's not shredded into bits;))))

Remember this is a right handed guitar with lefty profile orientation. Ever notice that the cool lefty players don't usually play lefty guitars? So fly your freak flag!

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